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Success Stories & Testimonials

A few success stories, testimonials and reviews from Positive Pilates clients.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having trouble with my hip / sciatic nerve all day today and was limping and unable to move in pretty much any way without catching it by this evening. I was expecting not to get much sleep because it’s so painful to lie on but I decided to try a couple of stretches I can remember from class and I can actually walk again and can roll over in bed without agony!

Thank you so much for what you do, it’s so important to me in so many ways, which now includes the fact I’m able to do something for pain that would have been literally crippling me for days!
Bethany Saturday Morning Pilates Class

Love Positive Pilates classes – thoroughly recommend them. Bev is brilliant – fun, helpful and the studio is spotless.
Sue Tuesday Morning Pilates Class

I had found myself struggling with back pain & stiffness so needed to sort the problems out. Was pleased to find Positive Pilates offers a men only class on a Monday evening.Having now attended for a couple of months where Bev has made me feel totally at ease, explaining every exercise & move expertly. I now feel that my core strength has improved along with balance & posture. I would thoroughly recommend Bevs classes 100%.
Steven Men’s Monday Group Pilates Class

New to Positive Pilates [and] was worried I was to old to start something new, been going two weeks not been stiff or in pain at all, nice bunch of ladies made me feel welcome.
Sylvia Group Pilates Class

I tried Pilates mat classes about 15 years ago in a mixed group in a hall. Although the teaching was good I never felt stretched and got bored after a few weeks. I have tried various DVDs but decided to join this new class. The feedback from friends and the fact that a taster session was available free of charge made me join.

The teaching is excellent never the same from week to week. All muscle groups get a work out which is great. I can feel that my core is getting stronger and it just makes you feel good about yourself.
Amy Tuesday Morning Group Pilates Class

I’ve been going to Bev’s Saturday morning class for about 16 weeks and it’s been a fabulous way to start the weekend. The class is fun and Bev is always on hand with help and encouragement!

I’ve tried loads of exercise classes but Pilates is by far the best so if you’ve been thinking I should do more exercise come and join us and give it a try 🙂
Karen Saturday Morning Group Pilates Class

Thanks for the first year of my pilates hobby, I’ve never felt fitter (running in parallel helps) and haven’t pulled any muscles in a year… at least.
Patrick Cox Green Thursday evening Group Pilates Class

My bad back stopped me training – my osteopath and chiropractor advised taking up Pilates. It has been really good and I have had the results I wanted – I have had no major back issues and I was able to return to training and practicing martial arts and I am now much better than I was prior to Pilates.
Keith Group Pilates Class

I joined Pilates in the hope that it would be a form of exercise which I could commit to in order to help with my back pain, due to a slipped disc which caused long term sciatica, also pain in my knees, which was waking me up at night. I wanted to feel stronger, feel more physically capable and be pain free.

My main concern was being able to do the exercises effectively and therefore gain maximum benefit. I chose Bev’s classes after reading about her own experiences and this filled me with confidence that she would understand my personal situation. I also wanted to be taught by someone who was well qualified and experienced.

I am very relieved to have found a teacher who has in depth knowledge of anatomy and how we can improve our bodies with appropriate exercises. I feel very safe doing all the movements, as they are done slowly and with deliberation. I count the days to Bev’s classes, she teaches in a non judgemental way, with detailed instruction and corrects us gently and discreetly.

I have been really amazed that after just one class I could feel the benefit for 2 days afterwards! Having now done three classes I am sleeping better not being woken up by knee pain, sciatica is nearly gone and I am stronger. I can’t quite believe that it has happened so quickly. I keep thinking about Joseph Pilates quote about 10, 20 and 30 sessions!
Binita Cox Green Saturday morning Group Pilates Class

Just a little note to say I am really enjoying my pilates – thank you. I look forward to the class every week. I have been suffering chest pain for a year, finally I had a ‘pain free’ day; thank for the tune-up self-massage you introduced last week!
Elaine Cox Green Saturday morning Group Pilates Class

We thought you are an excellent Pilates teacher who really put us through our paces and worked us hard every week. Do you run any other classes anywhere?
SayPing Haskins South Hill Park, Bracknell

I have a very stressful and physical job and due to this had been suffering with back ache for about 2 years. For the last 6 months of this I had suffered with a pulsating headache on the top of my head that I knew was caused by my ‘stress knot’ in my neck and shoulder. Usually a massage cured this but 3 massages later I still had the headaches.

I chose Pilates as I wanted to strengthen my core muscles to support my back. I have been going to Bev’s classes for approximately 6 months now. I really look forward to my weekly session. It gives me the opportunity to relax, breathe and calm myself down after a busy day. Bev is a warm and friendly instructor who also gives you the individual attention you may need even though you are in a class. She also encourages you to contact her in between classes if you have any aches and pains. If you are unable to perform a certain move in class she will come up with an alternative that suits you better.

The best thing about working with Bev is I no longer suffer with back pain, headaches or stress knots. I would highly recommend Bev’s Positive Pilates to iron out those every day aches and pains but also for relaxing and calming your mind if you have a busy and hectic lifestyle.
Sophie Group Pilates Class at St Peter’s Church Hall Wednesday evenings

I reached my target weight last night so am feeling healthier and happier but it was helped  so much by joining your Pilates class which I look forward to every week. Your encouragement and help have kept me going, even when I find it tricky. Thank you so much.
Tracey Cox Green Saturday Morning Pilates Class

After having issues with spine, hips, knees and then fracturing my back, I found regular classes twice a week helped me feel so much taller, slimmer and healthier. When I finish a Pilates class with Bev I fell 100 times better!
Teresa Group Pilates Classes at St Peter’s Wednesday evening and Cox Green Saturday morning

Positive Pilates has got me walking taller, improved my core strength and has got me feeling generally much more mobile.
Sue Group Class

Following a serious motorcycle accident, extensive rehabilitation and physio therapy with lots of hard work, I made a reasonable recovery. However I was still left with back pain which interrupted my sleep most nights. I discussed my symptoms with Beverley and she suggested a personal assessment so she could thoroughly check me out and recommend the correct exercises that would help improve my back. I attended seven 1-2-1 sessions and continue with the recommended daily exercises. Now my back pain is vastly reduced and it no longer keeps me awake ay night. I would recommend Beverley’s Pilates classes and 1-2-1 sessions as her expertise has vastly improved my back’s condition.
Martin One-to-One Private Sessions and Group Classes

My golf swing now produces a drive 60 yards longer! Only 2 weeks into Pilates beginner program. I’m looking forward to future classes as it’s clearly improving my flexibility!
Tim One-to-One Private Sessions

If you are retired and have often thought of joining a Pilates class but never had the courage, Positive Pilates with Beverley Grant, Thursday mornings is for you. After just six weeks great improvement in balance and body is much more supple.
Pat Cox Green Thursday Morning Pilates Class

I highly recommend Bev, an amazing teacher! It’s such a good way to exercise…
Katie Cox Green Pilates Class

Great class Beverley, given up my physio as I get more benefit from your class. Thank you.
Andrea Cox Green Thursday Evening Pilates Class

Superb class, really felt the benefits of strengthening my core and feeling far more flexible. Teacher is friendly, helpful and fun. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Nicky Cox Green Thursday Evening Pilates Class

After pulling my knee gardening, I did not think I would be able to complete my normal Pilate’s class, however the stretching and suggestions from Bev has helped get my knee back into place (hooray)!
Denise Cox Green Monday Morning Pilates Class

I attend the Thursday session at CoxGreen community centre at 7pm. I really enjoy it, we have a great laugh and the time just seems to fly.
Candiesa Cox Green Thursday Evening Pilates Class

After several years of being nagged by my Chiropractor, and to aid my recovery from minor back surgery, regular 1-2-1 Pilates sessions with Bev has been a revelation. I am much stronger and more flexible and I can now do stuff like pick up my toddler and dig the garden, things I wondered if I would ever do again with confidence. Recommended.
Simon One-to-One Private Sessions

Positive Pilates

Bev Grant is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer.

To book a course of 1-2-1 lessons, to join a group class, or if you require advice on the best options for you, please contact Positive Pilates today.

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