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Coronavirus Class Updates


Our studio has re-opened in-line with Government guidelines. Positive Pilates has completed COVID-19 Awareness training. The studio is now clearly marked so you know where you can walk, where your mat space is. For now, studio mat space is reduced from twelve to five to ensure you are two metres apart and safe.

Online classes continue indefinitely

For those who cannot get to The Studio @53 for in-person lessons, we are continuing to run online classes and we are offering on-demand pre-recorded Zoom session as well.

How to access Positive Pilates online:

  • Go to TeamUp.
  • Click on the “Schedule” tab.
  • You can then select and book your chosen session / class.
  • Then follow the provided Zoom link to join the class.
  • We strongly suggest you use your WiFi instead of 3G / 4G / 5G on your phone or tablet or you will run down your data allowance.

How to access Positive Pilates On Demand:

  • Go to TeamUp.
  • Click on the “Memberships” tab.
  • Scroll down to “PRE-RECORDED ZOOM SESSIONS”.
  • There you can purchase “On Demand Recorded Sessions”.

Any questions? Then please ask