How Pilates Can Help You

Pilates may have a slight reputation as a form of exercise just for ladies however the benefits of increased fitness, flexibility and strength (without bulking out your muscles), better posture, stronger core and improved body shape are for everyone, young or older, female or male.

Top level athletes, sports people from all disciplines and footballers have used Pilates exercises to improve their fitness, extend their careers and aid in injury prevention whilst many celebrities recommend Pilates for general fitness and wellbeing. Plus millions of ‘ordinary’ people across the globe from all walks of life!

As mat based Pilates requires only a willingness to try and improve your body, some empty floor, a qualified instructor and a mat(!), people from all walks of life can benefit. If you have a specific issue or condition please contact me for impartial advice on how I can help you, or click on the titles below for more general information.

  • It has been estimated that over 80%* of the UK general population suffer from some kind of back or neck injury during their life time. Many of these injuries result from restricted hip and lower back flexibility. By evaluating my clients, I can draw on my Pilates, Biomechanics and Exercise Therapy training and can target the exact problem area with focused exercises. Chiropractors often recommend Pilates as it promotes development of your core muscles which helps strengthen your spine.

Who practices pilates?

Sports people including…

Harry Kane

New Zealand All Blacks

Gareth Bale

Ryan Giggs

Andrew Flintoff

Serena Williams

Tiger Woods

Mike Atherton

Celebrities including…


Lady GaGa

Kate Winslet

Penelope Cruz

Miley Cirus

Sandra Bullock


Mick Jagger

John Cleese

Ian McKellen

Hugh Grant

Phillip Schofield

Positive Pilates

Bev Grant is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer.

To book a course of 1-2-1 lessons, to join a group class, or if you require advice on the best options for you, please contact Positive Pilates today.

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* Source: NHS