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Pilates for Men

At Positive Pilates I like to squash the myth that real men don’t do Pilates. Nonsense. Pumping iron and all those ‘macho’ gym based regimes are all well and good, however if they are not performed correctly you can end up injuring yourself and causing long term damage. You also run the risk of toning one part of your body at the expense of others.

Many well known men including Andy Murray, Gareth Bale, Ryan Giggs, the New Zealand All Blacks, Freddie Flintoff, to name but a few, have all used Pilates to help prolong their careers as it helps improve strength and flexibility, as well as aiding quicker recovery from surgery or injury.

Adding Pilates to your exercise and training regime will enhance your all-round fitness levels and increase suppleness whilst for those undertaking exercise for the first time, Pilates is a gentle introduction to a better you.

By improving your posture and developing core muscle strength you help take pressure off your back, and help pull all the other abdominal muscles into the right place (helping develop a flatter stomach).

Pilates was invented by a man (Joseph Pilates) and around 25% of those attending classes today are male. Positive Pilates classes are all run in a non-intimidating friendly environment where everyone is supportive and is there to achieve a common goal.

I also offer one-to-one private lessons and exercises where you can either learn the basics before joining one of my classes or I can work with you to develop an individual program suited to your requirements and help improve your fitness levels.

Men who practices pilates include…

Harry Kane

Andy Murray

Gareth Bale

Ryan Giggs

New Zealand All Blacks

Andrew Flintoff

Tiger Woods

Mick Jagger

John Cleese

Ian McKellen

Hugh Grant

Positive Pilates

Bev Grant is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer.

To book a course of 1-2-1 lessons, to join a group class, or if you require advice on the best options for you, please contact Positive Pilates today.

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